Mechanical life time seals are aften referd as Mechanical face seals, cat seals or Duo Cone Seals

Mechanical seals are designed to be used in extremely harsh conditions under enormous stresses, sand, dirt, mud, dust and soils. 

For many years, these Duo Cone Seals have been used by OEMs and seal users with excellent success in applications for tunnel boring, construction machinery, transmission drives, axles, cutter rollers and Agro machinery. 

Sealing technology for static and dynamic applications. The special alloyed iron materials have an exceptional capacity in terms of wear resistance, for a wide range of demanding applications, such as mining machines, agricultural machines, agricultural machines, undercarriage vehicles, track rollers.

With an extensive range of these seals, we guarantee our valued customers a long, highly durable equipment life and maximum equipment productivity through continuous technological research. These seals are produced under the strictest standards and controls with the necessary certificates.


  • Stainless
  • Increased operating life
  • Precision Lapped Seals
  • No micro-fine scratches
  • Minimal load variations;
  • Self-renewing sealing surfaces
  • Special sealing and O-ring materials.
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications.