Rotating seals - Vrings

V-Rings for axial dynamic sealing

Rotary seals

Shaft seals, oil seals, high pressure seals: for your hydraulic pumps, motors, rotary feed-throughs, couplings, crankshafts and wheel hub applications, etc.

A V-ring is used to stop water and/or dirt. This is a static seal.

De front seal / V-ring

The front seal is an elastomeric axial seal for rotating shafts and bearings. It rotates with the shaft and seals axially against a stationary counter plane perpendicular to the shaft. This type of seal is widely used in a variety of applications and has proven to be reliable and effective against dust, dirt, water and oil splashes and other media.

The ring consists of three parts:

(a) The sealing body, installed with shaft interference

(b) The hinge, which acts as a suspended connection between the body and the lip.

(c) The conical and flexible sealing lip that provides the actual dynamic seal against the counter surface.


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